Investment criteria and approach

Gimv mainly focuses on:

- entrepreneurial and innovative companies with strong potential, both young companies with strong growth ambitions and established companies looking for fresh capital
- small to medium businesses with an enterprise value of up to EUR 200 million
- companies active in Benelux, France and Germany (DACH countries)
- clear business vision with a strategy based on sustainable value creation

Gimv’s investment approach and added value:

- investments from EUR 5 to 50 million
- active shareholder, involved in board
- expertise in companies at various stages of development (risk capital versus growth capital for more mature companies)
- internationally organized with multidisciplinary teams
- global vision, creative and open-minded

When considering a new investment, Gimv undertakes careful due diligence, which is the in-depth analysis and assessment of the commercial, legal, financial, technical and environmental aspects of a company targeted for investment.