Company profile

Acertys is the leading total solutions provider for medical devices to all hospitals and medical professionals in the Benelux, combining mission critical technology from world-leading manufacturers with a wide range of local integrated services. Acertys provides hospitals and medical professionals with:

  • top-end mission critical medical devices from renowned manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, Fujinon, Carefusion, Natus and US Endoscopy
  • regular maintenance and repair services by a team of certified technical service employees
  • IT integration in hospital platform and continued support
  • full range of (branded and generic) supplies and accessories

Acertys was set up in 2007, from the merger of the companies Meda, Vandeputte Medical BV and Vandeputte Medical & Security NV.

Acertys Group
  • Aktivität: Total solutions provider for medical devices
  • Website:
  • Location: Belgien
  • Investititionsjahr: 2007
  • Plattform: Health & Care