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Rik Claes - Founder

Company profile

Benedenti is one of the leading multidisciplinary group practices in Flanders. Its 7 branches in Berlaar, Genk, Herentals, Kontich, Mechelen, Rotselaar and Vlimmeren, provide dental care and treatment to thousands of patients every year. Benedenti employs a staff of ± 100,of which 40 are dentists, each of whom is a specialist in a particular field of dentistry. Benedenti was founded in 1985 when Rik Claes and his wife Griet Luyten started their own dental practice in Herentals. Over the course of several years, the practice expanded into a big group practice: ‘Benedenti Herentals’. 2007 saw the addition of Annemie Tolleneer’s dental practice, which became ‘Benedenti Berlaar’. A third practice was founded in November of 2015, ‘Benedenti Vlimmeren’. Begin 2017 Benedenti acquired an important group practice in Mechelen (Belgium).

Investment rationale

Dental care in Flanders is facing some huge challenges: the aging of the dental corps, shortage of dental students ready to enter into practice, the rise of new technology and developments and changing expectations of patients, young dentists and the community as a whole.

Growth strategy

Together with Gimv, Benedenti wants to introduce gradually the concept of a group practice, offering all specialist treatments, in Flanders, and thereby, consolidate a still highly fragmented market. Benedenti will use Gimv’s resources to conclude new partnerships with other dental practices, develop new group practices and to continue to invest in the newest technology.

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