Itho Daalderop & Klimaatgarant

Sustainable Cities
Bas Korte - CCO Itho Daalderop/Klimaatgarant

Company profile

Unique merger:

  • Itho Daalderop: Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning (HVAC) products for the residential market
  • Klimaatgarant: develops energy-neutral housing projects

The Itho Daalderop and Klimaatgarant merger is well positioned to play a leading role as a provider of total solutions in the renovation and new construction market. The merged group is headed by Wim van den Bogerd, co-founder and director of Klimaatgarant and former CEO of Itho.

Investment rationale

A growing awareness of the climate and more stringent energy performance standards result in an increasing focus on energy-efficient building and renovation. The merged group has a clear answer to this trend:

  • provider of total solutions in the field of energy-efficiency
  • leading role in the residential HVAC-market in the Benelux
  • offer both the products and the long-term guarantee of energy performance

Growth strategy

  • Merger of 2 market leaders into one strong entity
  • In the medium term: raise brand awareness of the group – complete product offering in a growing market – lowering manufacturing costs for key products
  • In the long term: geographic expansion beyond the Dutch borders

Our partnership visualized


Itho Daalderop & Klimaatgarant
  • Aktivität: Provider of complete HVAC solutions in the residential renovation and new build markets
  • Website:
  • Location: Niederlande
  • Investititionsjahr: 2016
  • Plattform: Sustainable Cities
  • Revenue: EUR 90m in 2016 (group)
  • Staff: 350