Real Impact Analytics

Connected Consumer
Sébastien Deletaille - Co-Founder and CEO

Company profile

Real Impact Analytics is an innovative big data startup. As one of the fastest growing European startups, the company has more than doubled in revenue and team size (now 120+) every year on average since its inception in 2009. The Belgian startup is now focusing on the telco sector and is already collaborating with top ten global telecom operators.

Investment rationale

Real Impact Analytics processes masses telecom data to help companies build better campaigns, better reach consumers and to offer personalized product combinations. These disruptive big data applications provide efficient marketing tools. Combined with high growth ambitions, this investment fits perfectly with our Connected Consumer strategy.

Growth strategy

The funds will enable Real Impact Analytics to continue its expansion and provide the resources to further challenge giants like SAS and IBM. The company changed the traditional big data approach by delivering simple and easy-to-use applications for telecom employees. In this context, the funds will support the continued development of the startup’s applications catalog and to develop the functionalities of the existing applications.

The headquarters of RIA is based in Brussels, but there are also regional offices in Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa. The funds will also be used for further geographical expansion, especially in Asia.

In the medium term Real Impact Analytics will selectively expand its activities to other industries, primarily FMCG.


Real Impact Analytics

Muriel Uytterhaegen, Principal

Muriel joined Gimv in 2013 and is currently responsible for the Arkiv fund of Gimv. Gimv Arkiv Tech Fund II has an investment focus on innovative early stage companies active in ICT and Cleantech.  

Throughout her career, Muriel Uytterhaegen has developed, analyzed or challenged dozens of business plans and closed multiple deals. Currently Muriel is a board member at Nomadesk and Coscale, she is an observer in the board of Real Impact Analytics.

Muriel has over 15 years of experience in innovation management, technology transfer, venture capital and the growth of high-tech startups.

Before she worked as an Investment Manager for the Flemish Innovation Fund (VINNOF), a seed capital fund that invests in young innovative companies in Flanders. As Senior Investment Manager she was responsible for ICT and board member of the portfolio companies in that sector (Caliopa, CMOSIS, Dacentec, NMDG, Oxynade, ...).

Muriel Uytterhaegen holds a master's degree in Business Economics from the University of Ghent and an MBA from the Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School.


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Muriel Uytterhaegen