Health & Care
Jérôme Levieux & Stéphane Mugnier-Jabob - Co-founders and co-CEOs

Company profile

Spineart, founded in 2005, is a fast-growing Swiss medical device company focused on simplifying spinal surgery by designing, developing and promoting safe and efficient solutions to surgeons, operating room teams and patients. Spineart is a pioneer in its field, having introduced unique patented and clinically validated technologies in the fields of motion preservation, fusion, biologics, minimally invasive surgery and fractures treatment. Spineart markets a complete portfolio combining traceable barcoded sterile packed implants with compact instrument sets, thus promoting greater safety, cost-efficiency, and compliance at the hospital. On top it offers strong customer service as well as high-quality training to physicians.

Investment rationale

Our partnership with Spineart perfectly fits into our Health & Care platform strategy. Spine surgery is an attractive global market offering plenty of room for challengers such as Spineart. Next to its broad product portfolio and recognized European brand, the company differentiates itself by a strong focus on product innovation and full R&D pipeline. Furthermore, Spineart is managed by a committed and experienced team, eager to bring the company to the next level of success.

Growth strategy

Spineart has found in Gimv the right partner to reach the next level. Thanks to our long expertise in orthopaedic and growing medtech companies, we will be able to support Spineart in realising its growth ambitions:

  • reinforcing the company’s sales organization and processes,
  • further geographical expansion in Europe and the US, as well as enter new markets,
  • continued development of innovative and disruptive products.

Read more in Gimv Insights, December 2017.


  • Aktivität: Medical device company active in spine surgery
  • Website:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Investititionsjahr: 2016
  • Plattform: Health & Care
  • Revenue: EUR 38 million (2016)
  • Staff: 100