United Dutch Breweries

Connected Consumer

Company profile

UDB, based in Breda (NL), is an independent beer group, owning among others Oranjeboom, 3 Horses, Royal Dutch, Atlas – heritage brands, going back to the company’s origin. In addition, UDB sells specialty beers, such as non-alcoholic beers, stout beers and dark malt beverages. UDB was created in 1968 by Allied Breweries through the merger of two of the oldest breweries in Holland: ‘De Drie Hoefijzers’ in Breda, of which the roots go back to 1538 and ‘De Oranjeboom’ in Rotterdam, established in 1671. In 2008, UDB was carved out from AB Inbev and became an independent company again. UDB is strongly focused on the exports of affordable premium branded beers, bringing European quality to consumers worldwide. The company has clients in over 100 countries, with Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East,  Africa and the rest of the world each accounting for roughly one fourth of  sales.


United Dutch Breweries
  • Aktivität: Independent beer group
  • Website: www.udbexport.com
  • Location: Niederlande
  • Investititionsjahr: 2015
  • Plattform: Connected Consumer