Investment strategy

"Joining with ambitious entrepreneurs to build tomorrow's market leaders". This is what Gimv exists to do. Our main goal is to build and grow outperforming companies in attractive growth markets. Following strong growth-potential macrotrends, we have translated Gimv’s vision of the future into four investment platforms where we have a clearly differentiating investment approach: Connected Consumer, Health &Care, Smart Industries and Sustainable Cities. 

These platforms have common drivers for value creation, in terms of strategy and business modelling, international expansion and operational excellence. In that framework, Gimv will strive for growth through technology, growth through sales expansion, buy and build, roll-out of new concepts and services,... These deal theses are based on a thorough understanding of how the particular business creates value.

Moreover, each platform will work with a skilled and dedicated team across Gimv’s home market of Benelux, France and Germany. In these markets Gimv profiles itself as a professional and reliable partner, supporting its portfolio companies actively and committedly on their transformation paths towards market leader positions.