ActoGenix and the University of Leuven announce a promising breakthrough in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes


Prof. Chantal Mathieu and her team at the University Hospital of Leuven have realized a major breakthrough in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes with an ActoBioticTM , developed by ActoGeniX. Prof. Mathieu has published the results of the study in a mouse model of Type 1 diabetes in the authoritative Journal of Clinical Investigation. The ActoBioticTM can stably reinstate normal glucose levels in Type 1 diabetic mice. ActoBiotics™ represent a novel class of orally administered and locally acting biopharmaceuticals.

The study demonstrates that oral intake of ActoBioticsTM provide a novel and safe strategy to control Type 1 diabetes. This innovative and effective strategy was without side effects and can now be further developed for human application. Type 1 diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in young people. About two million people (around 0.5 % of the population) in Europe and several million people world-wide suffer from this disease.

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