Gimv, Qbic and SOFI finance growth of Ghent University software start-up CoScale

19-03-2014 07:30

Gimv Arkiv Tech Fund II, Qbic Arkiv Fund and SOFI are each investing EUR 0.5 million in Ghent University start-up CoScale, a company offering software solutions for IT Operations Analytics. CoScale will use this financing to start commercialization of its software and to continue to invest in R&D and new product features.

CoScale (, founded in 2013 as a spin-off from Ghent University, has developed patented software in the field of IT Operations Analytics. This technology gives organisations an insight into the performance of their web applications by automatically identifying and isolating disruptions, inefficiencies and failures. This is a critical aspect for major websites and web applications of organisations operating in areas such as e-commerce, online banking, online customer service, etc. CoScale’s software gathers and correlates data from web applications as well as the underlying infrastructure. In this way, it can identify the cause of problems or inefficiencies quickly and effectively. This enables an organisation to optimise its infrastructure, generating both cost savings and shorter response times, increasing the satisfaction of users of its website and maximising the return on its online applications. This integrated approach is one of the main factors that distinguishes CoScale from other market players. Other advantages include simple installation, vendor independence, the possibility to plug the software into existing monitoring tools and a highly intuitive graphic interface.

Immoweb and Telenet are already using the technology. In this financing round, CoScale wants to focus on the further commercialization of its product while continuing to invest in R&D.

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