GIMV takes majority share in Dutch industrial services company Numac Groep

05-11-2007 17:45

GIMV announces that it has acquired, through its Dutch subsidiary Halder, a majority shareholding of 60% in Numac Groep, a Dutch company specialising in technical services concerning industrial installations and machinery. The founders and the management retain the remaining shares. No financial details on this transaction will be published.

Founded in 1984, the Numac Groep is one of the largest independent companies for technical services in the Netherlands. The company focuses on engineering, maintenance, advising and automation of technical installations and machinery.

The Numac Groep centralizes three complementary companies. Numac ( focuses on machine maintenance and process optimisation. From 20 branches all over the Netherlands, Numac is able to assist its customers at close range. The company also has a platform in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. In the beginning of 2007, Van de Meerakker Groep and Planatec joined the group. Van de Meerakker ( is operating as an electro-technical specialist in the areas of utilities and machinery construction, industrial automation and trading in technical materials. Finally, Planatac ( focuses on assembling, testing and starting-up machines and installations.

The expertise and the solutions of Numac’s specialists enable companies to continue or, if possible, improve the return on their installations, machines and production lines.

Numac has more than 1000 customers, including renowned companies as 3M, Akzo Nobel, Bavaria, Nedschroef, Rockwool and Sappi. The Numac Groep is headquartered in Venray (NL). In 2007, its almost 1000 employees are expected to realise a turnover of about EUR 70 million.

Besides the existing opportunities for organic growth in both the Netherlands and abroad, Numac aims at pursuing an active buy-and-build strategy. To this end, Numac anticipates the trend towards outsourcing industrial maintenance and combines mechanical maintenance with specialist knowledge of electronics and IT. To support its growth, Numac is continuously looking for specialised and motivated new employees.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Sander van Vreumingen – Senior Investment Advisor Halder
Tel: +31 70 3 618 618 – E-mail:
Mr. Geert-Jan van Logtestijn - Executive Vice President Corporate Investment Belgium & The Netherlands
Tel: +31 70 3 618 601 - E-mail:

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