Increase in value GIMV on the occasion of Telenet IPO

25-09-2005 08:30

GIMV announces an important increase in its value on the occasion of the Telenet IPO. GIMV has been a Telenet shareholder from the start and has acquired through different capital rounds a total of 12,913,893 Telenet shares.

All figures mentioned in this release are the figures after the planned stock split of 3 new Telenet shares for one existing share, as approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of September 20th.

Valuation of Telenet on the occasion of IPO leads to important increase in value
On June 30th 2005 the value of Telenet in equity under IFRS (IFRS value) has been kept at EUR 9 per Telenet share. The total Telenet shareholding held by GIMV was valued at EUR 116.2 million. On June 30th the total shareholding in Telenet represented a value of EUR 5.01 per share on GIMV’s equity under IFRS of EUR 43.98 per share.

The price range for the IPO of Telenet has been set at EUR 21 to EUR 25.5. At the minimum price of EUR 21 euro this means an increase in GIMV’s value of EUR 165.8 million or EUR 7.16 per GIMV share. At the maximum price of EUR 25.5 this means an increase in GIMV’s value of EUR 230.5 million or EUR 9.94 per GIMV share.

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