NomaDesk Unveils NomaDesk for Mac and iPhone Mobile Extension


GENT, Belgium -- NomaDesk,, the document collaboration solutions provider, today announced its Mac version of NomaDesk and iPhone mobile extension. Both allow for cross-platform collaboration and overcome compatibility issues. In addition, NomaDesk for Mac provides valuable features to the Mac community for sharing and editing very large files including:

TheftGuard™: allows users, in case of theft or loss, to remotely shred the data on their computer. This feature will now be accessible through the iPhone mobile extension, bringing increased security and mobility.

Exclusive Delta-sync™ technology: only parts of a file that have been modified are updated and synchronized in order to make a more efficient use of the network.

FileLink™: distributes files without using e-mail attachments or programs by sending an e-mail message with a link to download the file.

”NomaDesk makes your data available—on any device, from anywhere, connected or not—without compromising its security, and keeps file sharing simple, as it should be.” said Filip Tack, the company’s CEO.

NomaDesk’s iPhone extension is an online dashboard designed to access NomaDesk files and file sharing services on-line. This mobile solution gives users the freedom to access their data while on the go. NomaDesk’s Email2Folder™ allows files to be sent directly into a NomaDesk folder. Files are sent as an email attachment, which is separated from the email content, and both are automatically stored in a specified folder. The iPhone extension will also feature NomaDesk’s unique TheftGuard™ feature by allowing users to remotely shred the data on their laptops from the palm of their hand.

NomaDesk’s fully comprehensive solution is an alternative to other traditional file-sharing programs (i.e., Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Microsoft Mesh, Apple’s MobileMe), which often lack mobility and adequate security. NomaDesk’s extensive software is available all for just $15 per month for teams, and $50 a year for individuals.

The product is available from and is free for a period of 30 days. NomaDesk for Mac and the iPhone Mobile Extension are currently released as free beta.

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