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Company profile

  • Founded in 2007, Almaviva is a group of 30 private clinics in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Paris region.
  • Strong local presence and excellent reputation in certain surgical fields such as orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology and gastroenterology.
  • 5th largest private clinics group in France

Investment rationale

The health sector is facing some challenges :

  • A market and prices under pressure need consolidation and specialization

  • Fragmented character of the specializations through a large number of small hospitals

  • Increase of aging population and number of chronic diseases, which involves the need for specialized care

  • Important focus on new technologies

Growth strategy

  • Thanks to our financing and external growth strategy, we could play a role in the further consolidation of the private healthcare sector in order to offer patients different specialties within the same group.

  • Attract top physicians and expansion into new specialties


24 October 2017, both Gimv and UI Gestion announced having signed exclusivity to negotiate the sale of their stake in Almaviva, the fifth largest private hospital group in France, to Antin Infrastructure Partners. In the period that Gimv and UI Gestion were involved with Almaviva, the company more than tripled in size to become the number one player in the PACA-region and to establish a strong second pole of clinics in the Paris’ region. Read more in the press release.

Our partnership visualized

Almaviva Santé

Benoit Chastaing, Partner

Benoit joined Gimv's Health & Care team in 2016. Before Benoit was Head of M&A and IR at Medipole Partenaires Group (the 3rd largest private healthcare organizations in the territory with 55 care centers). As such, he was member of the Executive Committee of the group. He joined the management team of Medipole Partenaires in 2007. He directed many high level operations for the Group (acquisition, LBO operation, bond financing, etc.). In 2013, Benoit was a leader in one of the largest transactions of the sector (€1.1 billion): the merge of Médi-Partenaires and Medipole Sud Santé to give rise to the third largest health group in France.

Prior to joining Medipole Partenaires, Benoit worked at PwC as an auditor, then joined Rexel where he held several responsibilities both in France and abroad, most recently as Chief Financial Officer of southern Europe.
He graduated from ESCEM and the IMD Lausanne. Former auditor of IHEDN (66th SN), He is also a reservist in the French Navy (Lieutenant Commander).


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Benoit Chastaing