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Dr. K. Pieterman - CEO

Company profile

Arplas is the global leader in the development, application and marketing of a projection welding technology, called the patented ‘ArpLas System’. Today, it is used across a number of applications for the automotive industry and is recognized and adopted by major car manufacturers worldwide, a.o. GM, Daimler, Audi, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW and Fiat. Arplas is headquartered in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) with additional manufacturing and sales facilities in North America, Korea and service representatives in China and Brazil.

Investment rationale

  • The ArpLas System has unique characteristics, a.o. it generates nearly invisible welds in narrow spaces with low energy consumption. It also offers cost saving and energy effectiveness compared to conventional welding techniques.
  • Strong underlying market growth drivers

Growth strategy

  • With Gimv's investment, Arplas wants to realize further growth in the core automotive market which will be supported by strong underlying market drivers (increasing number of car types, manufacturing plants). The international footprint and expertise of Gimv make it possible to accelerate the global sales of the ArpLas System in this challenging automotive market.
  • Arplas' goal is to further expand in existing markets, with both existing and new customers, as well as to benefit from recent developments of its aluminium welding capabilities.
Arplas Systems

Sander van Vreumingen, Partner

Sander van Vreumingen joined Gimv in 2001 as an investment manager. After a certain time he started working for Pon, one of the largest Dutch family-owned companies, as Business Development Manager, where he realized an operational merger between a number of international subsidiaries responsible for sales and maintenance of ship engines. He rejoined Gimv in 2006. Sander van Vreumingen has a master's degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University, Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Over the past ten years Sander has been involved in - among others - the investments in Belair, Euretco, Tissage de Kalken, FCS, ANP, Geveke, Hebu, BMC, Numac, Bandolera, Mackevision, Walkro, Oldelft and ARS T&TT. He currently holds board seats at ARS T&TT, BMC, Mackevision and Walkro.


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Sander van Vreumingen