Itho Daalderop & Klimaatgarant

Sustainable Cities
Bas Korte - CCO Itho Daalderop/Klimaatgarant

Company profile

Unique merger:

  • Itho Daalderop: Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning (HVAC) products for the residential market
  • Klimaatgarant: develops energy-neutral housing projects

The Itho Daalderop and Klimaatgarant merger is well positioned to play a leading role as a provider of total solutions in the renovation and new construction market. The merged group is headed by Wim van den Bogerd, co-founder and director of Klimaatgarant and former CEO of Itho.

Investment rationale

A growing awareness of the climate and more stringent energy performance standards result in an increasing focus on energy-efficient building and renovation. The merged group has a clear answer to this trend:

  • provider of total solutions in the field of energy-efficiency
  • leading role in the residential HVAC-market in the Benelux
  • offer both the products and the long-term guarantee of energy performance

Growth strategy

  • Merger of 2 market leaders into one strong entity
  • In the medium term: raise brand awareness of the group – complete product offering in a growing market – lowering manufacturing costs for key products
  • In the long term: geographic expansion beyond the Dutch borders

Our partnership visualized

Press releases

Itho Daalderop & Klimaatgarant
  • Activity: Provider of complete HVAC solutions in the residential renovation and new build markets
  • Website:
  • Location: the Netherlands
  • Entry: 2016
  • Deal contact: Ivo Vincente
  • Platform: Sustainable Cities
  • Revenue: EUR 90m in 2016 (group)
  • Staff: 350

Ivo Vincente, Managing Partner - Head Sustainable Cities

Before joining Gimv in 2002, Ivo Vincente worked with Alpinvest Partners and PwC. Through the years he gained a lot of experience with numerous transactions. He has been involved among others in the investments in Muelink & Grol, Holonite, Bever Zwerfsport, Geveke, De Groot International, OGD, Studiekring, Oldelft Ultrasound, ARS T&TT, and more recently Brakel and Itho-Daalderop.

Ivo holds board seats at various Gimv portfolio companies. At Gimv, he is the Managing Partner in charge of the Sustainable Cities platform and he is member of the Executive Committee. Until January 2014, he was Head of Gimv the Netherlands.


Groenhovenstraat 2
2596 HT Den Haag

the Netherlands

Ivo Vincente