Environmental, Social and Governance approach

Sustainability is high on the agenda today. Companies that offer sustainable solutions to societal challenges such as climate change or an ageing population undoubtedly have a solid starting point. 

At Gimv we are fully aware of the social context in which we operate, indeed our roots already contained this DNA. Back in 1980, Gimv was founded to support Flemish companies in their growth and be a turbo-driver for Flanders’ socio-economic fabric. Today, societal challenges and trends form the foundation of our platform organisation and investment approach.

Our ESG approach in a nutshell

The core of Gimv’s ESG approach consists of 2 pillars:

  • Gimv as a responsible company
  • Gimv as a responsible investor

Both are inextricably linked: by operating as a responsible company, Gimv can also guide its portfolio companies in responsible entrepreneurship, contributing in this way to sustainable value creation.

Would you like to know more about our ESG approach? Welcome to consult our Responsible Investing Policy.
Curious about the efforts Gimv and its portfolio companies have already taken over the past year? Read more in our recent annual report.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Gimv's investment strategy fits seamlessly with the reference framework of the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs).  

As an investment company, we want to create sustainable strategic added value that goes beyond the merely financial and seeks solutions for the major economic and social challenges facing us today. We are doing this together with our portfolio companies and will continue doing so in the next 40 years.

SDG overview goals

How our investment platforms interface with SDG

ESG in practice: examples in portfolio companies

Gimv Compliance & ESG Office

Coordination of Gimv’s ESG approach is entrusted to the Gimv Compliance & ESG Office, which is best placed to facilitate maximum interaction between all actors, both inside and outside Gimv, and to ensure appropriate accountability.