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SynOx Therapeutics was formed in 2020 through a Series A round of EUR 37 million by HealthCap, Medicxi,  Forbion and Gimv. SynOx will continue the development of emactuzumab after securing world-wide rights for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of emactuzumab under a license agreement with Roche.

Emactuzumab is a potential best-in-class clinical-stage CSF-1R targeted antibody designed to target and deplete macrophages in the tumour tissue. It has shown a favourable safety profile and encouraging efficacy in patients with diffuse tenosynovial giant cell tumours (dTGCT), a rare oncology disease. The disease is characterized by pain, swelling and range of movement limitations resulting in a significant impact on quality of life. It typically affects patients aged 20-50 years with an estimate of 70,000 patients in the US and EU5.

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When ambition meets ambition

The needs for new treatments in the dTGCT field is great. Today, only one approved therapy exists in the US while there are none in Europe. We therefore see SynOx Therapeutics as a future key player and leader in the field to bring an efficacious and safe treatment to these patients.
We are very pleased with this new investment, which perfectly fits our Gimv life sciences strategy. Our team focuses on solving unmet medical needs by investing in solid preclinical or clinical stage assets and platforms with first-in-class or best-in-class potential

Together, we build a leading company

We are looking forward to bringing a therapy to market for patients who today have limited treatment options available. Emactuzumab has already proved its worth in diffuse TGCT patients and it is now time to continue and finalize its development. I am proud to work together with our co-investors and management to turn this endeavour into a success story.


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