Investment focus

We accelerate the growth of entrepreneurial and innovative companies and support them in their transformation into market leaders in their niche. We therefore consider ourselves a temporary but solid partner of those companies, all of which have an above-average growth ambition. As a consequence, we contribute to economic growth, job creation and social welfare.

Investment strategy

Following distinct social and economic macro-trends with strong growth potential, we have translated our vision into four investment platforms, each with a clearly differentiated investment approach:

  • Connected Consumer
  • Health & Care
  • Smart Industries
  • Sustainable Cities

We have a track record of using our sector focus to identify potential market leaders in their niche that fit into one of our investment platforms. These companies take on the challenges and needs of society – whether for consumer convenience and proximity, health care, innovative production and services, or the pursuit of sustainable mobility and living environments. Our expertise and business models create value through the various phases of their economic cycle. Our main focus is on companies eager to become a leading player in their sector and scale-ups. In bio- and medical technology, we also build partnerships at an earlier stage.

Growth through technological innovation. Growth through sales expansion. Buy and build. New concepts and services… For each investment platform across our home market (Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany) a dedicated, international and multidisciplinary team defines a specific strategy and business model.

Investment criteria

Does your company fit our profile? We mainly invest in:

  • entrepreneurial and innovative companies with strong potential
  • investment tickets from EUR 5 million to EUR 50 million
  • small to medium-sized businesses with an enterprise value of up to EUR 250 million
  • companies active in Benelux, France and DACH countries
  • companies with a strong management and a clear business vision and a strategy based on sustainable value creation

Why choose us?

We are agile & flexible

Thanks to our strong balance sheet and access to long-term permanent capital, we are able to invest through the cycle. Being a flexible and agile investor, we capture the full growth potential of our portfolio companies.

We are international

We have dedicated and specialized teams across our home markets. The extensive
international network and experience we have built over the past decades
are powerful levers for the international expansion of our portfolio companies.  

We have the experience

In our dedicated and multidisciplinary teams we engage business leaders
who have been successful in growing their own companies and have the right
industry experience to understand the specific market dynamics in our target sectors.