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Through its Healthcare platform, Gimv is investing in care & patient providers, in leading B2B service & software companies in the healthcare sector and in healthcare products.

Covid-19 once again proved the importance of a well-functioning health care system. The pandemic placed huge pressure on hospitals and medical staff, on top of all the other health challenges society faces.

Our population is ageing and chronically ill people need help. The government must meet the challenges in the healthcare sector with a budget that - recently more than ever - is under pressure. 

Fortunately, technological innovations continuously progress and also innovative care business models emerge. The latter can help to address a better delivery of care with more attention to e.g. prevention, mental care, outpatient & homecare. All this in the context of affordability, high quality and broad accessibility.  With our Healthcare platform and portfolio, Gimv has effectively been addressing these trends for more than ten years and the investment opportunities in the sector remain great.

Investment focus

  • Healthcare

As one of Europe’s most active healthcare investors, Gimv is keen to make a positive contribution to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for health and well-being.

The Healthcare platform’s experienced team has long been familiar with the entire life cycle of a company and invests throughout the value chain. Next to organic growth in a dynamic healthcare environment, also buy & build has become a significant part of our portfolio’s growth stories, with several add-ons being executed in our buy & build platforms. 

Our 3 pillars in Healthcare

Care providers & patient services

  • In-/outpatient clinics
  • Diagnostic services
  • Nursing care
  • Homecare
  • Digital health
  • Consumer health
  • Pharmacies

Healthcare products

  • Drugs (Rx, Gx and OTC)
  • MedTech - Consumables
  • MedTech - Devices
  • MedTech - Equipment
  • Functional nutrition & ingredients

B2B services & software

  • R&D (CROs, CDOs)
  • CMOs
  • Regulatory services
  • Value-added distribution
  • Specialty software for care providers, MedTech & Pharma clients
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  • Our 5 pillars for value creation
  • A deeper look into our portfolio
  • An overview of the international Healthcare team
  • Our investment approach and added value

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