Gimv and the other shareholders are selling their stake in Acertys Groep, a major supplier to hospitals and medical professions

07/05/2015 - 07:30 | Portfolio

Today, Acertys Groep and Gimv have announced that the divisions Acertys Healthcare nv, Medvision Healthcare nv and FMH Medical bv are being taken over by Belgian company Duo-Med, while a preliminary agreement was reached with another industrial group for the acquisition of Heyer sa.

Acertys Groep ( was established in 2007 following the merger of several suppliers to the medical sector in Belgium and the Netherlands. After a number of takeovers and disposals, the group has now grown into a leading supplier of customised complete solutions for hospitals and medical specialists in the Benelux. The divisions Acertys Healthcare nv and Medvision Healthcare nv have given the group a solid market position in Belgium in anaesthesia monitoring and ventilation, neonatology, cardiology, pulmonology, neurology and medical imaging. In the Netherlands, the Acertys group has an important market position in endoscopy and neurology with its FMH Medical bv division. The third division, Heyer Benelux sa, is a leader in the fields of medical gases and technical equipment for operation rooms and intensive care units (OR/ICU). These three departments are heading towards achieving a joint turnover of approximately EUR 47 million this year.

For the divisions Acertys Healthcare sa, Medvision Healthcare sa (Aartselaar) and FMH Medical bv (Veenendaal, the Netherlands), an acquisition agreement was recently concluded with Duo-Med. Since more than 20 years, Duo-Med is an established supplier of innovative products and services for abdominal and plastic surgeons, gynecologists, radiologists and gastroenterologists working in the Benelux hospitals. In addition, a preliminary agreement was reached with another industrial group for the acquisition of Heyer sa (Sint-Truiden and Brussels). The finalization of this last transaction is expected shortly.

Alain Grillaert, Partner Health & Care at Gimv, about the deal: "This sale is the first exit of successful investment trajectory in health services within the Health & Care platform, which underlines the fact that the new Gimv strategy is paying off. Gimv is pleased with the professional development we have achieved together with the Acertys management. As a result the company came out of the economic crisis in a better shape than we entered it. Moreover, the various divisions are ready to embark on a new chapter in their further development and growth together with an industrial partner."

Jan Schoevaerts, Acertys CEO: "The sale of Acertys Groep to Duo-Med is an important step in the healthcare distribution landscape. Acertys Healthcare nv, Medvision Healthcare nv and FMH bv are all well-established companies in the Benelux. As local partners, they offer customers complete solutions for the entire lifespan of their equipment and applications. The companies are profitable and together with Duo-Med they make up an ideal platform for further development as a major, innovative healthcare solution provider."

Dirk De Cuyper, Duo-Med CEO: “The acquisition of the Acertys Group fits into our buy-and-build strategy that was worked out with our partner ABN Amro Participaties. It strengthens our joint position in a changing healthcare community. We look to the future with confidence and look forward to working with the Acertys employees.”

This exit will result a net capital gain of EUR 5.1 million (EUR 0.20 per share) compared to Gimv's equity published most recently on 31 December 2014. Over the entire period, this investment generated a return in line with Gimv's long-term average return. No further financial details on this transaction will be disclosed.

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