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When I created Melijoe, I dreamt of an online store where parents could be free to pick and play with fashion for their kids. Joining Babyshop Group will give me the opportunity to further expand my vision of what Melijoe and our new sister sites should be and represent globally

Nathalie Genty - Founder and CEO of Melijoe

Babyshop Group

Founded in Sweden in 2006 by Linn and Marcus Tagesson, The Babyshop Group has grown to become a leading multichannel player in the world of premium baby and children’s fashion and products. The group operates the market-leading children’s e-commerce brands AlexandAlexa.com, Babyshop.com, Melijoe.com, Lekmer.se, and OiiDesign.se, as well as a number of retail stores in Sweden and Norway, along with private labels designed and developed in-house. Headquartered in Stockholm and with local offices in London, Oslo, Paris and Seoul , the group is catering 140 countries and reaching over 1 000 000 customers monthly. The Babyshop Group’s goal is to inspire customers by offering an exclusive shopping experience and excellent customer service with the best mixture of well-known and high-quality brands. Selling a wide range of high-quality baby and children's clothes, footwear, toys, strollers, car seats and other children-related goods, as well as maternity clothes, Babyshop Group offers a convenient, one-stop shop for modern families.

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When ambition meets ambition

In August 2020, our former portfolio company Melijoe joined forces with Babyshop Group (BSG). The merger with BSG fits Melijoe's ambition to further expand its vision and international presence to become the largest and most professional e-tailer for premium children's fashion. 

Melijoe was founded in Paris in 2007 when Nathalie Genty, mother of five, launched a website offering some of the world’s most coveted children’s fashion brands. After an initial investment in Melijoe in November 2014, Gimv acquired a majority stake in 2018 and fully supported the company in its international development towards market leadership in a global and at the same time fragmented children’s fashion market in digital transformation. The merger with Melijoe in August 2020 allowed The Babyshop Group's state-of-the-art back-office systems and teams (fully automated logistics center, proprietary brands and designs, an in-house data science lab, an acquisition & growth marketing team and a procurement team) to be deployed on a broader scale and enables the entire group to build further on an ambitious plan for the future. The deal further establishes the group as a leading player within luxury and premium children’s fashion globally. Gimv and Melijoe’s founder Nathalie Genty remained shareholders and joined a group of recognized investors led by Verdane Capital.


Multi-channel retailer in baby and children’s products
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