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Gimv provides the backbone of our growth strategy.

Jak Dekker - CEO

Equipe Zorgbedrijven

Equipe Zorgbedrijven is a fast-growing independent provider of private healthcare, with a network of 24 sites throughout the Netherlands. The group emerged from three specialised clinics: Velthuis kliniek (cosmetic surgery and dermatology), Xpert Clinic (hand and wrist surgery) and Helder Kliniek (phlebology and proctology).

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the Netherlands

When ambition meets ambition

Equipe is one of the leading providers of specialised care in the Netherlands. The company’s management has the ambition to embed the (new) organisation in the ecosystem in a sustainable way and achieve critical mass for better quality and innovative treatments.

Equipe also wants to scale up its business and leverage its fixed costs by treating numerous patients, which in turn allows greater specialisation and creates scope for additional sub-specialities.

One of the keys to Equipe’s success is its focus on specialisation and quality, two key factors that are also very important for our Health&Care platform. Another is the group’s hub-and-spoke system: in addition to its larger operating theatres, there is an expanding number of smaller outpatient clinics.

We believe that its strong management team is able to boast a good track record for delivering high-quality care, using innovation to improve standards.

Together, we build a leading company

When we acquired a stake in Equipe in December 2015, we became its first external investor. Together with the Equipe management, we defined the growth strategy – organic and non-organic – focusing on geographical expansion, scaling up the hub-and-spoke network, offering fully integrated carepaths by adding rehab and physiotherapy activities as well launching new treatment areas. 

Besides providing funds, our industry experts guide Equipe in stepping up their operational excellence and in getting organised for action. First in the pipeline were new premises in Eindhoven and Amsterdam, which have been successfully realised in the spring of respectively 2016 and 2017.


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