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As one of the largest providers of specialist medical homecare in the Netherlands, we want to offer the patient a high quality of care in his daily life (‘hospital to home’). For our growth, we are happy to partner with Gimv, who has a deep understanding of the context and culture of healthcare technology and care concepts.

Mike van Woensel - CEO

Eurocept Homecare

Eurocept Homecare is a market leading pioneer in the field of specialized medical homecare in the Benelux (‘hospital to home’). Eurocept Homecare employs a dense network of over 250 highly qualified nurses and operates in close partnership with medical specialists, hospitals and pharma companies.

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the Netherlands, Houten

When ambition meets ambition

The demographic developments across European countries, including an ageing population and increasing number and severity of chronic diseases, and an increased awareness on the risks and costs of hospital stays, have led regulators, payers and care providers to accelerate patients’ transfer to the homecare setting (‘hospital to home’).

Eurocept Homecare has long term experience with infusion therapy at home for chronic diseases and has developed its platform Plazaconnect to monitor patients and enable pharmacovigilance in the homecare setting. Building on this experience, the company operates as a frontrunner in the Benelux healthcare ecosystem with continuous improvement and innovation of its care offering to provide the best patient care with its network of qualified nurses. Its market leading position is validated by its close cooperation with academic centers and hospitals, including the development of integrated care paths, and with pharma companies on their patient service programs. For example, Eurocept was among the first worldwide to provide chemotherapy to patients at home and has recently started providing hemodialysis in the homecare setting.

Together, we build a leading company

Eurocept contributes to society’s need for innovative healthcare concepts at the right place and cost (value based healthcare). Backed by the industry expertise of Gimv's Health & Care team, Eurocept Homecare will continue to improve and innovate its care offering. Since our investment in 2013, Gimv helped Eurocept a.o. in their acquisition of the medical homecare activities of Medizorg in 2014 and its partnership with the qualified team of nurses of Jadim Medihands.

October 2020, founder Mike van Woensel and Gimv sold their stake in Eurocept Homecare to Mediq. Mediq is part of Mediq Group, a leading international provider of medical devices and healthcare services, headquartered in Utrecht (NL).


Specialized medical homecare ("hospital to home")
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