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We develop medicines in cooperation with medical professionals for patients with a rare disease. I am proud that we can share this expertise with our sparring partners in the Gimv Health & Care team. As improved patient care and results at acceptable cost are a priority for both of us.

Mike van Woensel - CEO/President

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals is specialized in the registration, marketing, outsourced production, distribution and sales of specialty medicines in the field of anesthetics, oncology, immunology, neurology, psychiatry, urology, pediatrics and infectious diseases. The company has a portfolio of own assets, asset in co-development and in-licensed products. Eurocept started in North-Western Europe and China, and expanded its activities worldwide in recent years.

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the Netherlands, Ankeveen

When ambition meets ambition

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals operates in close cooperation with medical specialists and patient groups to provide drugs for specific indications (orphan diseases) to a small group of patients worldwide. The limited number of patients across the globe, make that these indications are not covered by big pharma and offer opportunities for specialized and entrepreneurial companies like Eurocept Pharmaceuticals.

Since its inception in 2001, the company has developed a product portfolio in the fields of anesthetics, oncology, immunology, urology, pediatrics and infectious diseases. Historically Eurocept Pharmaceuticals focused on in-licensed products, however has in recent years been successful in acquiring and (co-)developing a portfolio of own assets for worldwide distribution.

Together, we build a leading company

We support Eurocept Pharmaceuticals global growth strategy. Backed by the industry experience of our early stage life science and later stage services colleagues within the Health & Care Platform, Eurocept Pharmaceuticals will continue to identify and provide the right medication at the right place to patients and medical specialists worldwide.

Since our investment, we supported Eurocept Pharmaceuticals in the development of its portfolio of own and co-developed pharmaceutical products, including the acquisition of Lucane Pharma in 2017. Lucane Pharma is specialized in rare metabolic diseases and committed to develop new medication in cooperation with other healthcare professionals to make treatment of rare diseases worldwide available.

In 2017, the companies have been split in separate and independently operating companies, to facilitate their individual market positions and further growth ambitions.


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