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I believe Gimv can bring a lot of value through their software expertise and experience in accompanying ambitious entrepreneurs in their international growth.

Lucio de Risi - CEO and Founder

MEGA International

MEGA International is a leading global software and consulting services company, which helps companies improve their business and IT agility to innovate in the digital world. The company offers a range of enterprise governance software solutions, called Hopex, to help its customers address challenges posed by regulation & compliance, IT complexity, enterprise transformation and new technologies (e.g. digital transformation, business model innovation,…)

MEGA has a global footprint with 9 offices around the globe. Moreover, it works with 25 business partners around the world. The company’s customers are mostly big, complex - often global - companies and government organizations, e.g. Fannie Mae, Crédit Agricole, UniCredit, Nissan, Eurocontrol, United States Department of Agriculture, SBB CFF, P&G, Gilead or Colruyt.

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EUR 37,1 m

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When ambition meets ambition

Globalisation, digitalisation, consolidation and regulation are driving the need for large corporations to have a clear view on and the ability to manage their IT systems. MEGA's leadership team together with its employees have the vision and the long experience in creating value for their customers by serving their needs and increasing their competitive positioning.

During the last years, our Smart Industries team has built a successful track record within the sector of ICT companies, engineered products and advanced manufacturing. MEGA’s entrepreneurial mindset totally fits with this platform strategy: as a recognized leader in a growing market, the company is recognised by its customers and prominent market analysts.

Together, we build a leading company

Over the coming years, we will contribute to accelerating MEGA’s growth in the US and support the company in establishing an excellent track record in its already initiated transition to a SaaS* offering. We will also support MEGA’s ambition to foster the growth among its existing clients and by signing up new customers and to apply its software tools to even more applications towards a broader audience. Besides, we will driving change and management attention to guide MEGA in its quest for growth.

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Mega International presenting at Baird Technology Conference

Mega presenting the company to investment bankers, 2021


Provider of business and IT transformation software
EUR 37,1 m