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Gimv’s expertise and network are a clear advantage for unpacking the potential of the Televic Group

Thomas Verstraeten and Lieven Danneels - Televic CEO's


Televic is a supplier of high-tech and high-quality communication systems for specific markets such as healthcare, education, the railways sector and the conference market. A clear vision on technological trends, a robust focus on innovation and strong customer focus have given the company market leadership in a number of fields. 

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EUR 160,5 m

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When ambition meets ambition

Televic has two major ambitions: to gain even greater market share locally and to strengthen its international growth. Gimv believes strongly in the company's growth potential, based on the underlying market trends in sectors where digital communication applications are the solution to many challenges: reliable passenger information systems and control systems, digital health applications, for example in elderly care, lifelong e-learning and the now ubiquitous conference systems that are making remote meetings perfectly streamlined. Televic's high-tech applications are also increasingly finding their way into new customer segments, which only reinforces the growth potential. 

Together we build a leading company

The combination of a strong and ambitious shareholder group with our philosophy of long-term anchoring and policy, is the best possible guarantee for success in our markets and for continuity for all our stakeholders. 
The sectors in which Televic operates today will only increase in importance in this new world. The company's success stems from the strong drive and commitment of its employees and the cross-fertilization between the different technologies in both existing and new markets. With a long history of involvement in the sector, Gimv is the right solid partner to support the further growth trajectory of this West Flemish pearl and to give it wings.


Supplier of high-tech and high-quality communication systems for specific markets
EUR 160,5 m