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The entry of a partner with a deep industrial expertise such as Gimv, enables a strong strategic alignment and marks the start of a new phase. The team and myself are very excited about this new partnership.

Damien Verhée - CEO

Groupe Claire

Established in 1900, Groupe Claire - Sainte Lizaigne is a recognized manufacturer of water systems equipment for leading water distribution groups, local authorities, specialist distributors and public works companies. As a specialist in connections, metering and fittings for drinking water supply, Groupe Claire also develops tailored and innovative products and solutions for network monitoring and control.

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When ambition meets ambition

Gimv will support Group Claire, whose activities should benefit from the need for renewal of the ageing French drinking water network, in realizing its growth ambitions. Moreover, Gimv should enable the company to cement its position as a leading provider of equipment and solutions dedicated to improve the efficiency of drinking water networks, both in France and abroad.  Groupe Claire plans to continue developing its traditional product range, as well as its innovative offering.

Together, we build a leading company

We are delighted to be able to support Damien Verhée and his team in this new phase for their company. We are convinced Groupe Claire is well positioned to pursue its development, both with its traditional product range, as well as its innovative offering. This investment fits in perfectly with the philosophy of our Sustainable Cities investment platform, which will use all its resources to actively support the company in its further development, both in France and abroad.


Equipment and solutions for the efficiency of the drinking water network
EUR 69,1 m
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