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With the arrival of Gimv and its expertise, we hope to be an even better partner for our customers. Our shared vision on long-term value creation is the best guarantee for success in our markets.

Erik Blauw - CEO


Verkley is an important northern Dutch player in underground infrastructure, specialising in building and maintaining underground cable and pipeline networks for energy and water.

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38 mio

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150 + 100 flex

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the Netherlands

When ambition meets ambition

Investment in public utilities is a must: today’s electricity networks are inadequate for the future and in the northern Netherlands, many electricity networks need to be significantly reinforced. Parallel with this comes water transition: water resources made scarcer by climate changes demand good management, including major investments to maintain and replace existing drinking water networks. 

The opportunities and growth possibilities for a well-reputed player like Verkley are great. For 50 years, the company has been building mains and connecting piping for network companies in the northern Netherlands. Next to that Verkley specialises in consultancy, engineering and project management for cable and pipeline networks. In order to deepen its service to its clients, Verkley is also keen to expand its specialization in engineering and more complex horizontal soil drilling (trenchless technologies). With Gimv, Verkley has found the right partner to realise these ambitions. 

Together we build leading companies

Verkley is a strong player in a segment that responds to important trends that are closely aligned with the strategy of our Sustainable Cities platform. In our collaboration with Erik Blauw and his team, we aim to realise the further expansion of Verkley - and with it the energy and water transition in the Netherlands.


specialist contractor in cable and pipeline networks for energy and water
EUR 38 m
150 + 100 flex