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Building Leading Companies

for the benefit of our economy and society.

Gimv is a European investment company, listed on Euronext Brussels. As a recognized market leader, we partner with entrepreneurial and innovative companies in 5 forward-looking investment areas. We currently manage a portfolio of around 60 companies with a combined turnover of EUR 3.7 billion and 20,000 employees. Find out more about us or our team.

Gimv investment company

5 investment platforms with specialised sector vision

In five strategic and forward-looking investment platforms - Consumer, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Smart Industries and Sustainable Cities - we are searching for tomorrow’s market leaders. Starting from a specialised sector vision, we join forces with the management teams of innovative companies. If we can create leading companies in these sectors, it will ensure the future of society: better products and services on the market, better care, and a more sustainable way of living.



Sustainability is high on the agenda today. Companies that offer sustainable solutions to societal challenges such as climate change or an ageing population undoubtedly have a solid starting point. At Gimv we are fully aware of the context in which we operate. 

Would you like to know more about ESG? Or are you curious about the efforts Gimv and its portfolio companies have already taken over the past year? Read more about it in our annual report.