Shareholder structure

In accordance with article 18, §1 of the Act of 2 May 2007, the articles of incorporation of Gimv stipulate an additional statutory threshold for transparency notifications of 3%.

In accordance with the requirements of the Transparency Law, the total number of voting rights (the denominator) is 25 426 672.

The following shareholder(s) announce(s) the acquisition or the conveyance of an investment of 3% or more of the total amount of outstanding shares:

Vlaamse Participatiemaatschappij: 26.82%

In the framework of the optional dividend, VPM, Gimv’s reference shareholder, opted for payment in shares on half of its shareholding and now holds 6 818 407 shares, equating to 26.82% of the capital. Consequently, Gimv's free float currently amounts to 73.18%.

Transparency declaration

Transparency declaration - notifications