Record results in a remarkable year Record results in a remarkable year Record results in a remarkable year

Record results in a remarkable year

  • The strong growth performance of our companies and the substantial value creation via exits lead to a portfolio return of 19.1%
  • A record net profit of 217 mio EUR increases the equity value per share with 17% to EUR 53.4

CEO Koen Dejonckheere:

“The past financial year was a remarkable year for Gimv with a record portfolio result and net profit. Our companies showed their vitality and delivered a strong growth performance. Overall sales of our portfolio increased by more than 10% and the profitability growth even exceeded 20%. Moreover, Gimv could achieve substantial capital gains via exits in challenging market conditions. Our excellent results affirm the continued success of our strategy of sustainable value creation through growth.
Gimv generated a record net profit of 217 mio EUR, or EUR 7.8 per share, leading to a 17% growth in our Net Asset Value to EUR 53.4 per share. This result, in combination with a substantially increased liquidity position, allows us to confirm a dividend of EUR 2.6 per share.
We further stepped up the support for our companies on sustainability as an integral part of their value creation efforts. As a proud member of the BEL ESG index, we continued to improve our ESG rating with Sustainalytics.
During the past year, we welcomed our new reference shareholder WorxInvest. We would like to thank the Flemish region for more than 40 years of trust and support and confidently look forward to our collaboration with WorxInvest. Together with our leading companies, we are ready to engage for the future.”