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Ultra low power wireless datacommunication technology

Gimv’s history with GreenPeak goes back to May 2006 when it led a 6.1 million euro capital round of the Dutch early-stage semiconductor company Xanadu Wireless, which merged in 2007 with the Belgian company Ubiwave and subsequently rebranded to GreenPeak Technologies. The company developed into a leader in RF communication technology for wireless connected home applications. It offers innovative ultra-low power wireless data communication controller chips for Smart Home and Internet of Things applications, such as energy efficiency, lighting, heating and HVAC control, senior lifestyle and home healthcare, access control and security.

In April 2016, Gimv agreed to sell GreenPeak to Nasdaq-listed Qorvo. We are proud having been part of GreenPeak’s exciting journey for 10 years. Over this period, the company evolved from an early-stage company with only a concept to a multi-award winning semiconductor company shipping more than one million chips a week, that have multiple applications in Smart Home and the Internet of Things.

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