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Gimv’s track record and European dimension will help us to continue to grow our business in France and abroad

Stéphane Doré - CEO and Founder of Acceo


Founded in 2003, Acceo is an independent player active in elevator inspection and monitoring services, regulated accessibility audits and energy efficiency audits. The group also has a centre of excellence for vertical transportation, providing advice for elevator design in new and existing buildings. Headquartered near Marseille, Acceo operates a commercial network of 15 independently managed agencies in France.

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EUR 29,5 m

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When ambition meets ambition

Acceo offers independent advice and specialist expertise to deal with the complex technical and administrative requirements to comply with safety and sustainability regulations. The company’s professionalism and proximity to property owners and managers has resulted in strong customer loyalty and impressive growth on which it can build to further develop its business in the coming years. We are very happy to partner with an ambitious and entrepreneurial management team to build on its track record and continue Acceo’s growth in France and adjacent markets.

Together, we build a leading company

Acceo’s growth ambition will be realised by strengthening its position in France, achieving further geographical expansion and expanding into adjacent services (organically and through buy & build). Our track record as a growth investor together with our European reach will enable us to help achieve Acceo’s ambitions.

Since our investment, we have already acquired two adjacent companies.


Inspection and certification services for building owners
EUR 29,5 m