Investment platforms

5 forward-looking investment platforms

The more than fifty companies in which Gimv participates today operate in various sectors. Our five investment platforms - Consumer, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Smart Industries & Sustainable Cities - set the stage for significant progress and pioneering innovations. Our companies are providing answers to the social issues of tomorrow: sustainability, ageing, health care, urbanisation, globalisation, ecological food, renewable energy and more. They are daring to look further ahead and set the bar high, keen to transform their sectors with their products and services. They believe that major social impact goes hand in hand with sustainable growth. 

Following distinct social and economic macro-trends with strong growth potential, we have translated our vision into five investment platforms, each with a differentiated investment approach.


Flexible partner with solid balance sheet

We invest directly in companies, mainly out of our balance sheet resources. With this strong balance sheet and permanent access to capital - being listed on Euronext Brussels since 1997 - we can present Gimv as a flexible and evergreen partner. This flexibility also translates into a wide range of investment structures (buyout, growth capital or venture capital for the life sciences sector), through both majority and minority investments.

To invest in tomorrow’s market leaders is to invest in sustainable growth

As an investment company, we want to create sustainable strategic added value that goes beyond the merely financial and seeks solutions for the major economic and social challenges facing us today. We are doing this together with our portfolio companies and will continue doing so in the years to come