Becoming more sustainable means not only making businesses greener and more social, but equally renewing and strengthening the business model for future success.

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The Consumer platform focuses on companies that respond to the needs and preferences of consumers who consciously choose an active, healthy and ecologically responsible lifestyle. Gimv is convinced of the future potential of consumer-focused companies committed to achieving organic or external top-line growth, unique niche brand positioning, leading private label specialization or a data-driven direct-to-consumer approach.

Consumer has a diverse portfolio of consumer-oriented companies: young ‘digital natives’ and established values, B2B and B2C, branded and non-branded, manufacturing and distribution. Collaboration, knowledge, experience, drive, network and complementarity are essential for successful sustainable growth and value creation. The entrepreneurs behind and the management of our companies can count on the Consumer team as a loyal partner and 'compagnon de route' who wants to contribute fully to the further growth path of the company.

Why Gimv Consumer?

  • Growth
    Buy-and-build, organic growth through innovation, branding, internationalization, omni-channel, development, digitalisation, etc.

  • Finance excellence
    Capital allocation, refinancing, reporting & KPI setting, working capital management, etc. 

  • Human capital development
    Board & management capabilities, succession planning, recruitment & retention, leadership development, etc.

  • Operational excellence
    Investment, automation, productivity improvement, cost reduction, digitalisation, etc.

  • Sustainability maturity
    Sustainable business model, decarbonisation, energy efficiency, waste management, etc.

Investment focus

  • Food & Beverage
    Healthy, sustainable and tasty food and beverages for the benefit of the conscious consumer, both locally and in international markets
  • Home & Family
    High-quality products and services for home, garden and family, tailored to comfortable, pleasant living
  • B(2B)2C / D2C Products and services
    Other forward-looking products and services in growth and sustainability segments
Investment criteria Investment criteria Investment criteria

Investment criteria

Ambitious and innovative companies with a solid market position and strong growth potential.
Small to medium-sized companies with capital requirements of EUR 5 to 75 million.
Companies headquartered in the Benelux region, France or DACH countries.
Companies with strong management and a clear corporate vision of social added value.
Gimv at the wheel
Overview Joolz


What a ride! What a ride! What a ride!

What a ride!

In 2016, Gimv invested in fast-growing Joolz, which designs and sells luxury strollers. Joolz inspires young families to create a sustainable and better world for their children. The company therefore focuses, among other things, on circularity in production and ergonomics in use. 

During the partnership with Gimv, Joolz has structurally expanded to become one of the leading brands in the ‘juvenile’ segment. New and ‘award winning’ product lines were successfully created and rolled out. Joolz’s leading position in the Netherlands was strengthened, while a substantial international expansion was also achieved, including strong growth in Southern Europe, US and Asia. In addition, an omnichannel strategy was implemented that focuses on achieving the best consumer experience and quality service. 

Combined with a targeted presence both online and on social media, Joolz has built a strong brand and very loyal customer base. Finally, business processes and IT systems were further digitized and fine-tuned to make the company growth- and thus future-proof.

Impression of the 2024 Gimv Consumer Encounter
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