About Gimv

For over 40 years now, Gimv has been investing in innovation and entrepreneurship. Our flexible approach is based on a solid balance sheet, patient capital, and long-term view. Hand-in-hand with the driven teams of growth companies, our dedicated teams of experts are working on innovative solutions for tomorrow's society.

It's all about...

Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Internationalisation. Digitalisation. Sustainable growth. 40 years of experience. Involved responsible shareholdership. Having the best people, knowledge and a solid balance sheet. Being a partner for mid-market growers. #BuildingLeadingCompanies

Investment criteria

  • ambitious and innovative companies with strong growth potential
  • small to medium-sized companies with capital needs of between EUR 5 and 75 million
  • companies headquartered in Benelux, France or the DACH countries
  • companies with strong managements, clear business visions, and strategies based on sustainable value creation and social added value

Six levers for value creation

  • Sales acceleration by expanding sales networks or entering new market segments
  • Global anchoring by enabling companies to grow from local champions to leading global players
  • Buy-and-build or growth through acquisitions
  • From product innovation to go-to-market by developing and bringing to market new products or business models
  • Operational excellence adapted to the growth process that each company passes through (reporting, organisational structure…)
  • Strategically positioning the company for its next growth phase, for example by attracting potential new investors.