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Share codes and capital info Share codes and capital info Share codes and capital info

Share codes and capital info

The Gimv share has been listed on the continuous market of Euronext Brussels since 26 June 1997. The Gimv shares are not divided into categories.

Share codeGIMB
Bloomberg-codeGIMB BB
Number of existing shares (23/11/2023)27 881 273
Issued capital (23/11/2023)264 665 131.98
Market capitalisation (12/07/2024)EUR 1 147 314 383.95

Liquidity of the share 

Gimv has appointed KBC Securities and Bank Degroof Petercam as 'liquidity provider'.  The liquidity agreements originate from the care taken by Gimv to ensure a sufficiently active market in the share so that in normal market circumstances adequate liquidity can be maintained.

Evolution of the capital Evolution of the capital Evolution of the capital

Evolution of the capital

DateCapital Total number of shares
31-01-1995672 262.43102 756 848.684 145 201
31-07-199512 146 782.71114 903 631.394 635 201
27-05-1997 (1)103 240 216.26218 146 301.8023 176 005
05-12-2000 (2)1 853 698.20220 000 000.0023 176 005
03-08-2012 (3)7 478 071.40227 478 071.4023 963 786
02-08-2013 (3)7 223 793.74234 701 865.1424 724 780
01-08-2014 (3)6 662 763.59241 364 628.6325 426 672
28-07-2020 (3)5 889 797.58247 254 426.2126 047 134
29-07-2021 (3)5 765 544.49253 019 970.7026 654 508
28-07-2022 (3)5 393 577.86258 413 548.5627 222 697
28-07-2023 (3)6 251 583.42264 665 131.9827 881 273

(1) Incorporation of premium and stock split 1:5
(2) Capital increase and conversion in euro
(3) Capital increase through the offering of a stock dividend

Form of Gimv shares Form of Gimv shares Form of Gimv shares

Form of Gimv shares

Gimv shares can be acquired as dematerialized shares (on a securities account with your bank or broker) or as registered shares (in the digital register of shareholders at Euroclear).

Would you like to change your dematerialised shares into registered shares?

When you choose to have your shares registered in the share register of the company, you will receive all information relating to corporate or administrative matters by post or by e-mail directly from the company. For other matters (e.g. dividend payments), nothing changes.

To have your dematerialized shares changed into registered shares, the only action you have to take is to contact your bank or broker with a formal change request. Upon receipt and processing of the change request and the necessary data, your bank will draw up a form ‘Nom 005-03’ and send it to Gimv for countersignature. Gimv will send this form over to Euroclear whereupon Euroclear will transfer the shares into Gimv’s registered shares account at Euroclear Belgium and record them into Gimv’s electronic share register. Upon completion of this process, Gimv will send you a registration certificate.

Your bank or broker may charge an administrative cost for this process. Please also note that certain banks do not offer this service. Gimv as an issuer has no influence on this.

Would you like to change your registered shares into dematerialized shares?

Please send a written request with the correct instructions to Gimv Legal by e-mail ( or by regular mail (Gimv Legal, Karel Oomsstraat 37, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium), including the following details:

- your full name, address and date of birth
- full copy of your identity card
- the full details of your securities account (account number and name of bank) where the shares need to be transferred to
- the correct number of registered shares which need to be transferred into dematerialised shares.

Gimv preserves the right to request at any time for additional information before executing the change into dematerialized shares.

Data processing notice for registered shareholders

In accordance with its legal obligations, Gimv NV ("Gimv") collects certain information regarding its shareholders in an electronic share register. If this data constitutes personal data, Gimv acts as the controller with regard to this personal data and will treat the personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and all other local laws that might apply.

Gimv may appoint external service providers and suppliers ("processors") to provide certain services that process the personal data (e.g. IT service providers).

The personal data may also be passed on to other recipients, such as public authorities, law-enforcement authorities, judicial authorities, lawyers, advisers or other service providers, auditors or other third parties, if Gimv judges in good faith that such transfer is reasonably necessary or useful (e.g. in order to comply with a legal obligation or procedure, to ensure the safety and security of infrastructure, activities or the public).

Gimv will not pass on any personal data to other third parties or outside the European Economic Area without your knowledge, unless Gimv is legally prohibited from informing you about this.

Gimv will only process the personal data to the extent and for as long as it is legally obliged to do so.

A shareholder can make the following requests at any time with regard to his/her personal data, by contacting the Gimv Compliance Office (see contact details below):

  • confirmation whether or not the personal data is being processed by us and, if applicable, access to or examination of the personal data;
  • correction of incorrect personal data;
  • supplementing incomplete personal data;
  • removal or limitation of processing of (certain) personal data;
  • transfer of personal data to another controller or processor;
  • termination of processing personal data.

Upon receipt of such request, Gimv will investigate to what extent it is possible to comply with the request and whether and to what extent Gimv is legally obliged to do so. Gimv will always enquire in writing about the decision and the actions taken.

If you have any further questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact the Gimv Compliance Office (

Finally, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of your choice. In Belgium, you can turn to the Belgian Data Protection Authority for assistance (