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Digital education platform

Sofatutor is one of Germany’s leading digital education platforms that offers students of all grade levels the opportunity to learn digitally, flexibly, and from any location. The company believes that children and young people achieve their learning goals best when they learn at their own pace, using a variety of learning media. Sofatutor continuously pursues its vision of advancing, learning through digitalisation and creating a product that makes learning fun. Students can access material conveniently via the web-based platform or via the sofatutor app. They can also chat about homework in real-time with qualified teachers.






Our goal is to support young people worldwide with the best learning content on a unique platform. We have a strong group of investors at our side who will accompany and support Sofatutor in its next growth phase.

Stephan Bayer


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Partnership Gimv

Through additional innovative offerings, Sofatutor plans to meet the demand for online learning tools and improve access to first-class education. Extending the digital product range and expanding digital learning models offers significant further growth potential. The consortium around EMERAM and Gimv is particularly pleased to support Sofatutor. It is an excellently led company. Moreover, its digital offering is perfectly addressing universal sustainability goals with respect to high-quality education and digital innovation.

Deal Team

Portret Koen Bouckaert

Managing Partner - Head Consumer