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La Croissanterie

A leading French-style fast food chain in France and Africa

Founded in 1977, La Croissanterie, a French fast food chain, operates an international network of franchise restaurants, especially in busy travel areas (motorway services, railway stations, airports, etc). La Croissanterie offers a comprehensive range of products for any moment of the day and operates through several different retail formats.






La Croissanterie's ambition is to expand annually while fully meeting the traveller-consumer demand to find the meal of their choice for a happy travel experience. With its proven expertise in the food industry, Gimv is well-equipped to support this ambition of growth and excellence.

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Partnership Gimv

La Croissanterie has the ambition to continue opening new restaurants, particularly in new and highly frequented areas in France and abroad. Gimv's expertise in food, acquired through numerous past investments in this sector, is an asset to support La Croissanterie in realising this growth ambition.