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A perfect fit for rolling out our premium brand and products further into Europe and the US.

Emile Kuenen - Founder


Joolz designs and manufactures premium pushchairs. The company differentiates itself by the quality of its products and their ergonomic design, as well as its unique modern brand and culture. Joolz sells its products through retailers in 25 countries and already has leading positions in, for example, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. At the end of 2016, Joolz was successfully introduced into the US market.

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EUR 29 m

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the Netherlands

When ambition meets ambition

With its ambition to become a global, premium and meaningful pushchair brand in the baby industry, Joolz wants to grow on three levels:

  • by expanding geographically, in Europe and abroad
  • by launching new products, such as strollers and accessories
  • by also selling its products online.

Based on our expertise in the high-end infant and kids market, we are able to discern multiple societal trends that are a positive push for Joolz’s bold ambition: today, consumers are on the lookout for solutions that fit into their busy lives, they spend more money on their children, and they are more prepared to pay for premium products – the shift from mid-market to either premium or discount offerings being a general trend. 

Finally, the Joolz brand breathes urbanisation and sustainability, which fits perfectly with our investment strategy. 

Together, we build a leading company

After expanding into Germany, the UK, Spain, France and the Nordic countries, Joolz was successfully introduced in the US at the end of 2016. For the launch of new products, a detailed roadmap is in place covering the different types of products and services that will be developed over the coming years. As a member of the Board, Gimv helped Joolz restructure its organisation and on a day-to-day basis Gimv acts as a sounding board for both important and less important decisions.

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Premium baby strollers
EUR 29 m