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The new shareholder structure offers opportunities to capitalise on each segment more assertively.

Pascale Postula - CEO

Arseus Medical

Arseus Medical distributes medical equipment and consumables, and supplies associated services. From its head office in Bornem (Belgium), Arseus is active in four market segments: ophthalmology, specialised medical equipment, medical supplies, and the provision of primary care. In each of these segments, the firm holds a leading position and has a strong basis on which to build and expand into adjacent markets.

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EUR 68,8 m

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When ambition meets ambition

The past few years Arseus has established a strong structure, realised a clear segmentation and a number of expansions, including three complementary takeovers. As a result, Arseus Medical holds a leading position in each of its segments and has a strong basis to build on and to expand into adjacent markets.

With the new structure, we can capitalise on each segment more assertively. For example, by commercialising innovations and new care models, taking over complementary companies and expanding services. We feel this will make Arseus an even more valuable partner for clients, suppliers and personnel.

Together, we build a leading company

Arseus wants to meet the increased demand for care from an ageing population and for technological developments that will enable it to provide better care at a lower cost. To do so, we will support the company in its growth, both organically and by making acquisitions in a number of specialised sectors at home and abroad. In terms of international growth, the focus will be on the Dutch market. Additionally, the company will lead the consolidation in the Benelux of what has been a fragmented market until now. Our experience in medtech and healthcare services is a valuable addition to Arseus, which feels its strategic plan will be bolstered by it.


Distributor of medical equipment and consumables
EUR 68,8 m