Gimv announces share buyback in the context of a share purchase plan for its personnel

27/07/2023 - 17:45 | Financial

The Board of Directors of Gimv has decided, in application of Art. 7:215, §1, al. 3 of the Companies Code, to start a share buyback program of 20,000 shares in the framework of a share purchase plan for Gimv employees. Gimv will start the buyback program on 28 July 2023 until the targeted volume has been purchased with a final end date of 18 August 2023.

The buyback program will be conducted in accordance with applicable regulations. For this purpose, Gimv will mandate an independent broker to execute the program through open market purchases on Euronext Brussels. The purchased shares will be held as treasury shares until they have been transferred to the personnel.

Gimv will inform the market on the progress of the program in line with the applicable regulations. Today, Gimv holds 2,498 own shares.

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