Gimv backs further growth of Equipe Zorgbedrijven Gimv backs further growth of Equipe Zorgbedrijven Gimv backs further growth of Equipe Zorgbedrijven

Gimv backs further growth of Equipe Zorgbedrijven


Gimv is pleased to announce that it will invest EUR 12.5 million in Equipe Zorgbedrijven (, an independent fast growing group of specialised clinics on 11 locations throughout the Netherlands (a.o. Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Enschede, Hilversum and Rotterdam). In exchange, Gimv obtains a minority stake in Equipe Zorgbedrijven and provides the company with the required capital to support its further growth by expanding current operations and entering new activities as well investing in additional facilities.


Equipe Zorgbedrijven emerged from the Velthuis kliniek (, which was later joined by Xpert Clinic ( and Helder Kliniek ( Equipe Zorgbedrijven is a pioneer in the field of private healthcare for more than twenty years with quality of care as key driver for the success of the group. As a result Equipe Zorgbedrijven has become one of the larger chains of specialist clinics in the Netherlands, each with its own specialisation :

  • Xpert Clinic excels in hand and wrist surgery ;
  • Velthuis Kliniek stands for the best care in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology ;
  • whereas Helder Kliniek specializes in phlebology and proctology.


The group’s 250 employees and medical professionals take care of the highest quality specialist treatments. In addition, they have access to the latest technology, a state-of-the-art quality control system (Pulse) and treatment plans in order to achieve the best clinical outcome for patients. Moreover, they stand for an outstanding service level and high transparency for both patients and insurers. In 2014, more than 20,000 patients were treated in Equipe clinics.


Jak Dekker, CEO and co-founder Equipe Zorgbedrijven, who will remain an important shareholder in the group, said: “We are pleased that Gimv is backing our ambitious growth plan. In the past months, we have built a great partnership with Gimv’s Health & Care team and are impressed with their track record of helping companies grow both organically and by acquisitions. Their investment and accompaniment will enable us to further expand in the Netherlands as well as adding new therapeutic areas. This will also allow us to further increase the range of treatment options and the quality we can offer to our patients. It is our ambition to make our services available to all Dutch patients and become a nationwide healthcare provider.”


Thybout Moojen & Reinier Feitz, founders of Xpert Clinic who will also remain important shareholders in the group said:  “The whole Equipe team is looking forward to the next stage of growth for our group. We strongly believe that together with Gimv we will be able to grow our business and expand into new adjacent activities while maintaining the high level of quality we have always strived for and also have realised.”


Elderd Land, Partner Health & Care at Gimv, commented: “Equipe Zorgbedrijven has an excellent reputation of high quality care. We are delighted to be backing a motivated management as well as top medical professionals, in a sector which we are very familiar with. Our investment should enable the company to further increase its nationwide presence and to expand into adjacent treatments as well as new therapeutic areas. With the support of our operating as well as our industrial partners within Gimv, we will work on the further professionalisation and upgrading of the organisation to make it an even stronger quality brand and enabling further growth. We are pleased being able to add this business to our Health & Care Fund, which complements earlier investments in Almaviva Santé and Eurocept.”


The transaction is, amongst others, subject to the approval of the competent authorities.