Gimv backs growth of plasma nano-coating technology provider Europlasma Gimv backs growth of plasma nano-coating technology provider Europlasma Gimv backs growth of plasma nano-coating technology provider Europlasma

Gimv backs growth of plasma nano-coating technology provider Europlasma


Gimv, Gimv Arkiv Tech Fund II and Yukon today announced the acquisition of Europlasma in order to support its ambitious growth plan. Europlasma, a Belgian technology company, is a leading global provider of plasma based nano coating solutions to protect and improve electronics and textiles under the Nanofics® brand.

Europlasma ( develops low-pressure plasma based coating solutions for which it develops proprietary processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and also supplies process chemicals to its installed technology base. Its patented technology allows OEMs and manufacturers to apply liquid-repellent or liquid-attracting nano-coatings on both complex 3D shapes as well as textile rolls. The demand for their solutions is fueled by a growing need for added value coatings to protect and improve electronic devices and textiles. On top the technology offers a reduced environmental impact, lower energy and no water consumption vs. traditional water repellent technologies for textiles. Together with management, Gimv looks forward to support the company in realizing its strong international growth prospects on the back of its solid technology after years of intensive R&D.

The company is headquartered in Oudenaarde (Belgium) and has a subsidiary in Hong Kong. With the support of a worldwide network of local agents and distributors customers are being served locally. Europlasma prides itself for its high quality solutions tailored to the customer’s specific applications, its expertise in offering proven industrialized technology and its dedicated team of specialists working closely together with its customers.

Europlasma is a true technology leader, with a broad and growing patent portfolio. Through advanced collaboration with universities and research institutes Europlasma is continuously expanding its knowhow to further develop and broaden its portfolio of surface finishes. This will allow the company to serve both existing market segments as well as to enter new end markets. The company pioneered with the first roll-to-roll plasma machine and the first industrial nano-coating machine. Under the Nanofics® brand name, it has been at the forefront of low pressure plasma coating solutions. Today, Europlasma’s technology is increasingly used on an industrial scale across the world by renowned clients for protective coatings of electronic devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, headphones and other wearables) and components (next to entire consumer products also individual PCB components are treated ), outdoor textiles and shoes, filtration media as well as plastic materials and parts (e.g. medical instruments). The number of applications keeps on broadening as the range of materials and/or products is virtually endless.

Filip Legein, Managing Director of Europlasma and founder of Yukon, on the transaction: “After more than 15 years of intensive R&D we have seen key customers in several industries implementing the technology on an industrial scale. This is the moment to bring the company to the next level and we are very happy that Gimv, as our new majority shareholder, has decided to support our ambitious growth. The new funds will be used to finance our growth, to expand our global network, and to intensify our R&D-efforts. Our goals are to remain the market leader in the fast growing markets that we target, and to develop new applications of our technology platform.”

Bart Cauberghe, Partner Gimv continues: “With its innovative technology, blue-chip customers, proven industrial solution and strong growth prospects Europlasma fits perfectly well in our Smart Industries portfolio. Together with the management team we look forward to accelerate growth in the coming years and further enhance the position of Europlasma as leader in its market.”