Gimv transfers stake in the Eurocept group - active in "Hospital-at-home" services, outpatient clinics and specialty pharmaceuticals - to its founder

13/07/2022 - 07:30 | Portfolio

Throughout the Gimv investment period, the Eurocept group (“Eurocept”) has grown impressively by broadening its medical homecare services in the Benelux and by transforming its pharma company into a global rare disease player.

In 2014 Gimv acquired a minority stake in Eurocept Group, consisting of Eurocept Homecare, Da Vinci Clinic and Eurocept Pharmaceuticals. After a period of successful growth and business development, Gimv has decided to sell its share back to the founder Mike Van Woensel. Eurocept Homecare (Houten - NL, is a pioneer in the provision of specialist medical home treatments in the Netherlands. In recent years, the company has been able to expand its product and service portfolio from pharma distribution and infusion therapies at the patient’s home to a full 'Hospital-at-home' offering with nutrition, home/kidney dialysis, infusion care, complex wound care and oncology aftercare in the Benelux. Besides organic growth the company also pursued an active buy-and-build strategy, including the strategic acquisitions of a.o. Medizorg, Jadim and the Da Vinci Clinic. The latter consisting of a chain of outpatient clinics for complex wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (a.o. for onco aftercare). All this is done in close cooperation with hospitals, medical specialists as well as pharma companies via the so-called care pathways. This has resulted in an enormous increase of quality care for patients with often an irremediable scenario. This has turned Eurocept Homecare into one of the most innovative frontrunners in hospital-at-home care in Europe.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals (Ankeveen – NL, is specialized in the development, production, registration, pharmacovigilance, marketing and sales of (mainly) rare disease pharma products. Over the past years significant efforts and investments have been made in developing a platform infrastructure from outsourced production to marketing & sales of specialty pharma products. In addition, the company acquired new assets (i.e. pain relief, metabolic diseases) and expanded its geographic footprint from Benelux to a worldwide player successfully filing its first product in the USA in 2022. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals leverages its portfolio of owned assets and selective exclusive distribution acquisitions to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals has continuous focus on patients with the goal to simplify the treatment relationship between patient and physician by improving accessibility, quality and reliability of (rare disease) pharmaceuticals.

Mike van Woensel, CEO and founder of Eurocept Group, says: "Gimv has always supported our ambitions of growth and assisted the leadership teams in strategic choices. We have had years of great partnership building on each other’s strengths to fulfill the needs of patients and develop the business. We are amongst others proud at the support received regarding innovation such as hemodialysis at home and on building our own specialty pharma platform and portfolio. Together we have built a leading company, putting patients at the heart of all we do, that is now ready for the next stage of growth".

Elderd Land, Partner in Gimv's Healthcare platform, says: "We are proud that we were able to support Eurocept as an innovative company in its expansion of its service offering and geographies covered, resulting in a beautiful growth story. The vision and determination of Mike van Woensel and his teams were absolutely vital in this respect. Through our collaboration we have developed a scalable company that is well positioned to grow further, offering better quality, more affordable and effective care to more patients".

The transaction is subject to the usual terms and conditions, including the approval of the healthcare authorities. It has no significant impact on the Net Asset Value of Gimv as of 31 March 2022. No further financial details will be disclosed.

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