A value creating platform strategy as basis for future growth A value creating platform strategy as basis for future growth A value creating platform strategy as basis for future growth

A value creating platform strategy as basis for future growth

Gimv today presents at its first Investor Day its vision on the future of the industry and its ambition to participate in the reshaping of the private equity and venture capital industry by becoming a recognized leader in selected investment platforms.

Gimv’s vision of the future translated in four new investment platforms: Consumer 2020 (future consumer needs & value for money), Health & Care (Life Sciences, Medtech and Health & Care services), Smart Industries (where technology adds value) and Sustainable Cities (servicing communities, infrastructure and utilities). These platforms, which take priority over geography or investment instrument, have common drivers for value creation in terms of strategy and business modelling, international expansion and operational excellence. Moreover, they will benefit from the world’s mega-trends. Each of these platforms will work with a dedicated and skilled team across Gimv’s home markets, being the Benelux, France and Germany.

As from today the organisational structure and the Executive Committee will be adjusted in line with this new strategy.

Koen Dejonckheere, as CEO, will preside the Executive Committee and will be assisted by Dirk Beeusaert (Secretary General), Alex Brabers (Chief Operations Business), Bart Diels (Head Health & Care), Alain Keppens (Head Sustainable Cities), Peter Maenhout (Head Consumer 2020 and Gimv-XL), Hansjörg Sage (Head Smart Industries), Kristof Vande Capelle (CFO) and Marc Vercruysse (Chief Funding).

In addition, and in order to further emphasize and structure the international presence of our investment platforms, the following appointments are announced: Ivo Vincente as Head Gimv Netherlands and Arnaud Leclercq as Head Gimv France. For Germany, Hansjörg Sage (Head of the Smart Industries platform) will be responsible ad interim until a new appointment has been made.

Gimv’s portfolio companies will continue to benefit from the deep expertise and proximity of our teams and can count on our active support and long-term commitment for their future growth. As a balance sheet investor -completed with some specialised co-investment funds-, we hold on to a rotational model with a flexible exit strategy.

‘Our ambition is to become a recognized leader in well selected investment platforms. We will focus on those growth companies that can accelerate their growth and results by combining innovation, internationalisation and upscaling. As a trusted and long-term partner, we will provide our portfolio companies with active support throughout their transformation into market leaders,’ explains Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman Board of Directors Gimv.

‘Gimv’s strong fundamentals combined with this new approach and value-creation focus, should allow us to realise sustainable double-digit shareholder returns and to grow our portfolio substantially over the next years,’ concludes Koen Dejonckheere, CEO of Gimv.

We also invite you to consult the presentation of our Investor Day, which will be made available on our website today as from 14h.