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Almiva Santé, founded in 2007, is the fifth largest private hospital group in France with 30 clinics, of which 16 in Provence-Alpe-Côte d’Azur (making it the number 1 player in the region) and 14 in the Paris region. The group covers most medical and surgical disciplines: surgery, gynaecology-obstetrics (maternity), general medicine and rehabilitation care. It has an excellent reputation in all surgical fields, but especially in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology and urology.

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Together, we build a leading company

Almaviva was founded by current CEO Bruno Marie in 2007 and gradually began acquiring private clinics in the PACA region. Towards the end of 2013, when Almaviva was a group of seven clinics, we acquired the company together with French investment company UI Gestion to help transform it into one of the leading private clinic groups in France by 2019. In 2014 Almaviva opened up a second region by acquiring a first clinic in Paris, followed mid-2015 by Clinique Arago, one of the top orthopaedic clinics in Paris. Also in 2015, Almaviva merged with Domus Cliniques, a group of 12 clinics and SSRs (Soins de suite et de réadaptation) located in the PACA and Paris regions.

In 2017, Almaviva is a group of 30 private clinics that manages more than 2,700 beds, has about 190 operating rooms and employs more than 3,300 medical staff members of which 1,100 independent physicians.

Almaviva Santé is a role model of a successful growth investment, which perfectly fits with our Health & Care strategy. We are glad that we were able to play an important role in the shaping and execution of the group’s strategy and organization, its buy and build trajectory and its financing. Whereas buy & build strategies in this type of market obviously need to be driven by economic reasons such as critical mass and synergies, Almaviva and Bruno Marie chose to differentiate themselves from other consolidators by focusing on the implementation of ambitious medical projects, the search for excellence and the preservation of the strong identity of the different Almaviva clinics. This is the key to the success of Almaviva Santé and its management team.

 In December 2017, Almaviva Santé was acquired by Antin Infrastructure Partners.

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