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I prefer to be a trendsetter in my sector. Thanks to our partnership with Gimv, the further growth of Benedenti in Flanders will be guaranteed.

Rik Claes - Founder


Founded in 1985, Benedenti is a leading multidisciplinary dental group practice in Flanders. Its branches in Berlaar, Genk, Herentals, Kontich, Mechelen, Rotselaar, Vlimmeren and Vrasene provide dental care and treatment to thousands of patients every year. Benedenti employs a staff of 100, including 40 dentists, each of whom is a specialist in a particular field of dentistry.

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When ambition meets ambition

Dental care in Flanders is facing some huge challenges: the ageing of the dental profession, a shortage of graduate dentists entering the workplace, the rise of new technology and developments, and changing expectations of patients, young dentists and the community as a whole.

In order to meet these challenges, Benedenti wants to expand the concept of a group practice in Flanders, covering all specialist treatments, and thereby consolidate a still highly fragmented market. A group practice also allows investments in technological innovations. Thanks to the support of our shared services, dentists can really focus on treating their patients.

Together, we build a leading company

We support Benedenti’s integrated approach. Backed by the industry experience of our Health & Care team, Benedenti will continue to invest in the latest technology and further professionalise dental care in Flanders. With our partnership, we also provide an answer to society’s need for innovative healthcare concepts. With its multidisciplinary approach, the company indeed meets the expectations/demand of the modern patient of high-quality service, supported by the latest technology.

Since our investment, we helped Benedenti to conclude new partnerships with other dental practices and grew the group from two practices in 2015 to 8 practices in 2018. We did this by acquiring existing practices from local leading and entrepreneurial dentists and by opening new practices with ambitious dentists.   

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