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Development of innovative formulations of crop protection products

The demand for healthy, safe, and sustainable food has led to a transformation in traditional farming methods. Biotalys, a biotech company, is utilizing its proprietary technology to create a new generation of plant protection products. Their unique protein-based biocontrols combine the high-quality properties of chemicals with the clean safety profile of organic products. Biotalys' innovative products aim to provide protection throughout the entire food life cycle, from the farm to the fork.






At Biotalys, we're pioneering sustainable agriculture with protein-based biocontrols that offer the efficacy of chemicals and the safety of organic products. Gimv, as a co-founder and lead investor, is dedicated to this vision.

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Partnership Gimv

Gimv has been involved from the start in 2012 of Biotalys’ journey as a spin-off of the VIB that develops innovative technology for sustainable crop protection. Gimv believes in Biotalys’ AGROBODY Foundry™ technology as a solution contributing to a safer and healthier food supply. Biotalys has been listed since the Summer of 2021 (Euronext Brussels, BTLS). The company is a good example of how Gimv is an investor that supports R&D-driven companies for the long run, from the earliest stage as a spin-off to IPO and beyond.